Precision Poly LLC is a custom manufacturer of food grade mono-ply and co-extruded blown film bags, sheets, and rolls. We are proud to be one of the first Polyethylene Film Plants in the U.S. to be certified as an SQF “Excellent Rating” facility. This comprehensive food safety certification program puts Precision Poly at the forefront of food quality and safety for packaging manufacturers in the food processing industry. 

  • SQF provides an extensive system to manage food safety risks and provide safe products for use by companies in the food industry 

  • SQF provides a recognized food safety certification. This allows our customers to have confidence in our food safety program and know we have a rigorous food safety system in place

  • SQF is recognized by retailers, food service providers and food processing facilities around the world who require a comprehensive, credible food safety management system 

  • The SQF Program is an internationally accredited program recognized by Global Safety Food Initiative (GFSI) and links primary production certification to food manufacturing and distribution management certification 

This achievement validates Precision Poly’s commitment to the international standards of The Safe Quality Food Institute and is the culmination of four years of design and implementation of production systems that meet the most stringent food safety and quality program in the food processing industry. Precision Poly has achieved the highest level of compliance in food safety and quality. This level of quality, safety and production oversight provides the food industry with the same innovative, engineered polyethylene bags and films we have provided, market wide, for over twenty years. It offers the food industry the ultimate level of FSMA compliance with our new “Excellent” SQF certification. 

Food Safety Certification Programs

What This Means To You 

Polyethylene Applications in Food Processing 

  • Box Liners 

  • Gaylord Liners 

  • Pallet Top Sheets 

  • Combo Liners 

  • Cart Covers 

  • Wash Down Machine Covers

  • Slip Sheets 

  • Combo Covers 

  • OKI Tubing 

  • Pattyn Tubing 

  • Automatic Top Sheeting 

Let Precision Poly be your food processing poly supplier and enjoy the competitive advantage our engineered polyethylene products and our SQF Certification bring to your sales efforts. We are ready to perform, put us to the test.